Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Day 19 - Golden to Salmon Arm

This post will kill the stats....

We left Golden just as rain was starting to fall - which it did for the entire journey and still is here at Salmon Arm. Some Canadians do not know how to adjust their driving speed to suit the conditions, with many people happy to tootle along at 100ks even when it's hosing down for the first time in months and there's truck spray blocking the view. In fact, we reckon the posted speed limits here are a recommendation, not a hard and fast rule. There seems to be no cops on the roads anywhere enforcing anything.

We stopped into a couple of places  along the way to do a few touristy things like look at giant Cedar trees, a good look at the Rogers Pass visitor centre and.....oh, that's it.

All is not lost - the reason I decided to do an out an back driving tour instead of a continuous loop was just in case this happened on the outward leg, but as it turned out, we had great weather on the outward leg and it just happens to be sopping wet on the return journey. So nothing lost other than additional opportunities to see trains in the same places again.

Summit of Rogers Pass

The early arrival at Salmon Arm meant we could take a look around town a bit, do a bit of shopping, interact with the locals and get the vibe of the place before checking in.

One of the many avalanche tunnels across Rogers Pass

On the east side of Rogers Pass it was wet and cold at about 6 degrees - however on this side it's at least 15 degrees and a tad humid.

Speaking of trains, the balcony on our hotel looks out across the lake and in between are the tracks - so all is good.

Dave on the giant cedar boardwalk. It's about 500m in length and pretty cool. The low lying plants have thorns - nasty.

The lady at the front desk said 40 degrees is the normal temp here during summer - stuff that for a joke. I did take some piccies of some trees but the camera is in the car and I don't want to get my new sneakers wet - the old one's have fallen apart with the shear amount of physical stress I've been demanding of them... and if you believe that...

Tomorrow we drive to Ashcroft - getting closer to Vancouver and home. There may not be any internet at Ashcroft, so if you don't hear from me, no need to panic.


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