Wednesday, 4 March 2015


This blog has been created to document my travels through Western Canada commencing 15 May 2015.
Attendees on this tour are myself (Erin Johnson), Grant Edgecombe, Lawrie Goldsmith and David Farquhar.
Grant and Lawrie were attendees of the 2013 trip to the USA and it was an email from Grant that kicked this trip off: something like "Lawrie and I are getting itchy feet, are you doing anything in 2015 ?"
"I could re-do the USA trip but I'm keen on going to the Canadian Rockies."
"Book us in !"
And that was that. Soon Grant convinced his friend David to come along and we suddenly had enough to fill a vehicle.

This trip has taken months of research to put together and the deeper I delve, the more excited I am about going. The main reason for going is to see trains - but unlike the USA trips, the scenery will be outstanding. I can only hope for fine weather.

I shall return for another entry on the departure date.


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