Thursday, 14 May 2015

Day 1 - 15 May 2015

Finally - today is the day. After 9 months of planning, Canada, here we come. Yesterday's weather in Wellington tickled Lawrie's nerves a bit and he was concerned about me being delayed and what they should do if I miss the international flight. I've been keeping a close eye on the weather and the Air NZ website and I was confident all would be fine - although I did have in the back of my mind alternative plans to get there....albeit flying to LA/SFO or even Australia and getting a connecting flight. I don't anticipate any travel glitches, but you deal with them as they occur and try not to worry yourself sick with what ifs.

All is good.

I depart Palmerston North at 3:30 pm Friday (today) and arrive at Vancouver 2:45 pm Friday - 17 hours door to door with a bit of time travelling as well.

Upon arrival, the intent is to pick up the vehicle, check in at the La Quinta in Richmond, comfort break, maybe a snack, and then head off to Delta for the first bout of train spotting. It's a 20 minute drive and is a container and coal facility served by the Canadian National, Canadian Pacific and BNSF of all things.

Next report will be from Vancouver.

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