Saturday, 30 May 2015

Day 16 - Drive to Red Pass and back

Today I took the guys on a wee jaunt up to Red Pass and back. Red Pass is just past Moose Lake on Highway 16. The CN tracks run adjacent to the road for most of the way, however they're also mostly obscured by trees. So you get your shots at grade crossings, and they're few and far between. The weather is partly cloudy and warm.

Mt Robson Park - Yellowhead Pass.

Today is Saturday, and we had no idea how many trains we may or may not see. The road had a massive stretch of road works on it so train chasing along this stretch is out of the question.


In my collection of rail DVDs, many places like Geikie, Lucerne, Decoigne, Red Pass and Moose Lake are mentioned, and today we managed to visit all of these except Geikie. To see the trains at Geikie, you have to stop at the top of a hill and climb out to an outcropping. Two things prevented this - the trees and the road works.

Near Lucerne

As for traffic volumes, I got 2 shots at Decoigne, one shot at Lucerne, one shot at Moose Lake and 2 at Red Pass - the trains were coming thick and fast and the background scenery is just a killer. I can't wait to get this footage home and on the computer.


Upon our return to Jasper we had a late lunch then returned to the hotel to do some much needed laundry. The trains kept pouring in from the west - our hotel balcony looks towards the tracks, but too many trees in the way for a decent view.

Moose Lake
Lawrie and Grant did some shopping and went for a walk around town - the amount of money these two spend on their wives is appalling...

The Rocky Mountaineer at Jasper

David and I went looking for trains and didn't have to wait long - and then it happened: firstly The Canadian turned up and departed, then the Skeena turned up and it was turned around ready for tomorrows departure, then the Rocky Mountaineer turned up and it was turned around, which took two goes as it's so long.

Red Pass
By then the cloud started to roll in and the boys were hungry so we called it quits. Dinner and an early knock-off - it's 9:32 pm and still daylight.

Tomorrow we drive to Lake Louise.


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